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the-ultimate-level-phil-kaveshIn order to understand how and why The Ultimate Level came about, let me start off with a quick story.  This story may sound a little familiar to you.

An attorney working in a law firm, preparing estate plans for clients here and there, decided to take a leap of faith and form his own estate planning practice. Before long, this attorney found out that running his own practice was really just another glorified job – – or worse!  Despite all of the technical knowledge he had developed in the area of estate planning, he was now no longer guaranteed a paycheck.  He was now responsible for bringing in new clients, hiring, training and supervising employees, and, of course, was responsible for putting money back into the company if it was ever short!

After a few years of banging his head against the wall, this attorney’s practice did become successful, but it came at a price.  He spent years working long and hard hours.  He worked so hard that the stress it caused proved to be too great.  He suffered through a difficult divorce, and even stood by and watched as one of his associate attorneys, along with a financial planner affiliated with his firm and a few of his employees (all of whom he put so much time and effort into training) left and opened up a competing law firm, literally right next door!  And then, if all of this wasn’t enough, the Great Recession of 2008 hit harder than a ton of bricks. Business was way down. Profit was down and office morale was sinking fast.  He didn’t even enjoy practicing law anymore and seriously considered closing up shop.

But, he wasn’t someone that just gave up and threw in the towel.  He had put a great deal of time and effort into his practice – – almost 30 years at that point – – so to just throw it all away would be such a shame.  He realized that he had to look at his practice in a different way.  He realized that beyond being a lawyer, he was a business owner.  He had spent so much of his time building up his technical skills and letters behind his name that he never really took the time to build up his law practice as a business – – frankly, he hadn’t been taught how in law school or in continuing education courses.

Remarkably, in just a few years, this attorney was able to dramatically turn around his law practice and, ultimately, his entire life. This happened after taking a close look at the infrastructure of his practice and putting in the time to set up the proper systems, procedures, processes and forms needed to run a successful business day in and day out.  He restructured his law practice, piece by piece, to run like a machine – – one that now functions beautifully and perpetually – – allowing him to do the tasks that he loves most, giving him the flexibility to cut his hours and take time off whenever he pleases, and permitting him to enjoy the financial freedom that comes from getting a generous steady paycheck and not having to put money back in anymore.  Most importantly, he has created a nearly passive revenue pathway towards his retirement, during which he will continue to be rewarded from the fruits of his labor for the rest of his life.

Perhaps you can relate to some, part or even all of this story.  This is the story of estate planning attorney Philip Kavesh, the President here at The Ultimate Estate Planner.

In late 2012, Phil decided that he wanted to put together a training program unlike any others out there for estate planning attorneys.  He wanted to put together a very intimate and interactive program.  More importantly, he really wanted to put together a program that would actually help his estate planning colleagues.

This is why he created The Ultimate Level, a 2-day live training program, that provides specific advice and guidance on how to run a successful estate planning practice—the stuff NOT taught to lawyers in law school or in CE programs.  The Ultimate Level will give you all of the forms, checklists, procedures and steps to set up the necessary infrastructure to run a successful business, so that YOU, the attorney, can begin doing what it is that you want to do, whether it’s meeting with clients, drafting estate plans, doing marketing for the company, or even retiring and taking more time off.

In September 2014, the program expanded to include a full lecture on marketing techniques for estate planners.  Having the training and a strong foundation built on the key principles in both infrastructure and marketing are the true “missing link” that most attorneys are experiencing in their practice to make the difference between a successful practice and one’s that not!

If you are an estate planning attorney with your own law practice and are interested in developing a successful law practice and improving the quality of your life, then The Ultimate Estate Planner’s Ultimate Level Program is just the program you need.


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