About The Ultimate Estate Planner

PrintThe Ultimate Estate Planner, Inc. was formed by estate planning attorney, Philip J. Kavesh, in September 2004 under the business name, The “Missing Link” Boot Camp, Inc.  Mr. Kavesh’s initial Boot Camps were designed to provide estate planning attorneys and financial advisors an intensive, all-inclusive, 2-day training where both advisors were linked together to implement new, cutting-edge trust products and effectively learn how to create a successful multi-disciplinary model, integrating both estate and financial services under one roof.

The Ultimate Estate Planner has since expanded upon these original Boot Camps to provide practical, tested and proven technical and marketing products to help estate planning professionals of all kinds – – attorneys, financial advisors, CPAs, and life insurance agents – – throughout the country build their practices.  The Ultimate Estate Planner, Inc. offers a variety of resources to estate planning professionals, including educational teleconferences, marketing and seminar marketing products, legal document forms, and a variety of practice-building and sales tools.  For more information about The Ultimate Estate Planner and the various products and services it offers, visit www.ultimateestateplanner.com.

Additionally, in 2013, The Ultimate Estate Planner launched its first live 2½ day training event, The Ultimate Level, to bring forward a new and improved kind of training program for estate planning attorneys unlike any available in the industry.  Not a legal, technical, continuing education or marketing event, The Ultimate Level was developed to bridge a huge gap between law school and actually owning and operating a successful legal practice.  To find out more and view upcoming programs, click here.




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