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Those that have attended The Ultimate Level again have found that attending a second, third and even fourth time to be even more helpful, for several reasons.

First, most attend again with the key staff member(s) to help them implement.  That’s been a huge eye-opener for many of our alumni.  But also, attending again allows you to be more open and pick up on things that you didn’t pick up before.  Maybe you went home, implemented a few things and are ready now to move into the next phase of implementation.  That’s why attending again is so valuable to those that have been there before!

Also, this is your LAST OPPORTUNITY to see Phil present a live 2-day event like this.  Because of this, we expect this event to sell out quickly and we are capping alumni registrations to 10 total spots (of which, currently 2 spots are already accounted for!).


Dates: March 4 & 5, 2016 (with a Cocktail Reception on the evening of Thursday, March 3, 2016)

Location: Crowne Plaza Redondo Beach and Marina in Los Angeles, CA
A special group room rate has been arranged for attendees. Details on group rate registration will be provided to you in your registration confirmation. The hotel is located about 20 minutes from Phil’s law office, 30 minutes from LAX and about 40 minutes from Long Beach Airport.

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redondo-beach-crowne-plaza practice-building-attorneys-los-angeles


We’ve added a lot more activities and involvement on Day 1 to help with implementation.  This includes the law firm tour and staff interaction happening after Phil’s morning lecture on practice-building and infrastructure.  We received a lot of feedback that it would be most helpful to people to be able to attend the lecture first, come up with their questions and key staff people they want to talk to, and then meet those individuals.  So, that’s just what we’ve done!

For those that attended the program prior to September 2014, we have added a complete 3-hour lecture solely on marketing!


Returning Attorney Registration Fee: $795


(Highly Recommended for Best Results)

Registration Fee: $495 per person

  • Below are the types of staff members that other attorneys have found helpful having at the program with them:
    • Executive Assistant
    • Office Manager
    • Partner and/or Associate Attorney
    • Marketing Director
    • Paralegal


HAVE QUESTIONS? Send us an e-mail.


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