the-ultimate-level-phil-kaveshHere are some questions that people typically have about our event (and accompanying answers).  If you have any other questions that are not found here, feel free to give us a call at 1-866-754-6477 or send us an e-mail at events@ultimateestateplanner.com.

QUESTION: Why is the March 2016 program the last and final program Phil will be doing?

ANSWER: This 2-day program involves a great deal of Phil’s time.  He lectures all morning on both days and it’s extremely exhausting.  Having done 9 of these programs since 2013, we decided to do one final program in 2016.  If you’ve been thinking about attending this program and haven’t gone for whatever reason, NOW is the time to do it.  As of right now, we have no intentions of hosting any live 2-day training events like this in the future!

If you would like to be notified when there may be a future Ultimate Level event, please complete the contact form below.


QUESTION: I really need help with getting new clients in the door.  Will Phil be addressing marketing at all during the program?

ANSWER: YES!  As of our September 2014 program, we have added an entire section on Marketing.  We realized that practitioners needed marketing to help them get the financial support to handle the infrastructure changes.  After many requests from attendees, we have reduced the number of personal consultations in the program and have added this special session on marketing.


QUESTION: I am a relatively new estate planning attorney.  Will this program apply to me?

ANSWER: Absolutely!  We’ve had several attendees that have had under 5 years of experience and have found the program to be extremely helpful, as you not only get the opportunity to tap into the 35+ years of experience of Phil Kavesh, but you will also get the input, feedback, suggestions and ideas from others in attendance.  You are potentially at a greater advantage to benefit from this program, because you will have avoided making many mistakes that those in attendance have already made (or are making) and you will be able to see how best to set up your practice without too much cost or pain from trial and error.


QUESTION: I have 15+ years of experience.  Will I get anything out of this program?

ANSWER: YES!  We’ve had several attorneys that have had 15, 20, 25, 30+ years of experience in the practice and have said that this program was eye-opening, “reinvigorating” and “motivating” to them with respect to their practice.  We actually calculated one of our first programs to have had a combined 500 years of estate planning experience in the room!  Mind you, that’s when we limited the registration to just 20 attorneys!  That being said, we do find that those that have been in the business longer have found it even tougher to adjust to some of the changes in the estate planning industry.  This program has helped address these challenges, bringing together such a wide range of experience, backgrounds and perspectives.  And, better yet, if you have been in the practice longer, chances are you have some key staff members with you and your firm that should attend to help you implement and make the coming changes to the practice!


QUESTION: Is it necessary to bring a staff member (or associate attorney)?  Who should I bring?

ANSWER: It is not necessary for you to bring a staff member or associate attorney with you to this program, but it is highly recommended.  Those that have attended this program who have brought a staff member or associate attorney with them have found this to be extremely valuable in the implementation process following the program.  Not only that, but now you have key staff members that will be involved in implementation also involved in the planning and brainstorming process. This is important to not only actually getting stuff done, but also bringing change to your firm (which is sometimes difficult and challenging by itself).  The types of staff members that people have brought to the program include associate attorneys, executive assistants, office managers, paralegals and even marketing personnel.  If you need some assistance in determining which staff member(s) may be appropriate to bring, please do not hesitate to contact us.


QUESTION: I am not an attorney, can I still attend?

ANSWER: Unfortunately, this program is limited specifically to estate planning attorneys and any associate attorneys or support staff members they wish to bring.  Due to the nature of this program and the topics discussed, we currently do not accept registrations from non-attorneys.  However, if you have an estate planning attorney you work with, you may wish to encourage him or her to attend and possibly bring you along as a guest.

DON’T SEE YOUR QUESTION?  Send us an e-mail!

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