the-ultimate-level-phil-kaveshIf you’re an estate planning attorney running your own law practice, we are certain that you have experienced the roller coaster of ups and downs that come with running a professional practice. Unfortunately, all of the law school and CE courses in the world will not prepare you with the necessary skills and tools you need to run a successful business.

First, ask yourself this. Have you experienced any one of these problems in your practice?

  • You can’t get the right kind of people coming in as clients – – or enough of them on a consistent basis? (Or your marketing has become too expensive?)
  • Once you get clients in the door, you can’t efficiently get the work out the door – – without working ridiculous hours? (Or far more than you’d like to?)
  • You can’t seem to hire, train, manage and incentivize the right support staff and associate attorneys? (Or you can’t seem to keep them?)
  • You have a decent client base, but now don’t have anything more to sell them? (And with the higher estate tax exemption, administration work alone can’t carry your firm anymore?)
  • Your firm is humming along pretty good, you’ve licked most or all of these challenges, and now you’d like to cut back your time and enjoy life more, but you’ve got no feasible exit strategy? (Other than a dream that someday a rich buyer will suddenly appear and plunk down a big pile of cash?)

These are all things that our President, attorney Philip J. Kavesh, has experienced, endured and overcome over the past 35+ years of running his own estate planning law practice, one of the largest estate planning firms in Southern California.

There are many programs out there that fill you up with technical knowledge about the law and estate planning techniques. But, having all of that technical knowledge is only part of what it takes to build a successful law practice. Our time-tested and proven program, developed by renowned estate planning attorney and Ultimate Estate Planner President Philip Kavesh, is designed specifically to help estate planning attorneys take their business—both your bottom line and the quality of your daily life—to The Ultimate LevelTM.

During this unique event, you will see addressed and answered a variety of practice-building and marketing issues which confront virtually every estate planning attorney, including but not limited to:

  • How to build each piece of your law practice, starting with a clear “blueprint” in mind, so that someday soon you have an exit strategy in place to make the most out of all of your years of hard work!
  • How to put together a marketing strategy and plan for your firm that will consistently bring in revenue so you don’t have to scramble each month to generate clients.
  • How to hire and train the right associate attorneys and support staff to build the necessary team of people to help take your practice where you want it to go!
  • How to use bonus systems (for both associate attorneys AND support staff!) that incentivize and motivate them and, more importantly, keep them happy so they don’t leave!
  • How to set up appropriate accountability to make sure that everyone is working efficiently and effectively together towards the same end goal.
  • How to establish proper systems of communication to reduce interruptions, increase productivity, and provide the necessary amount of leadership and guidance to your team.
  • How to set your fees so that you not only stay competitive, but you also continue to make money and get paid for what you do!
  • How to structure your calendar to maximize the highest and best use of your time for your firm, while doing just the tasks you love!
  • How to put systems in place to help keep you, the business owner, accountable and on track toward your business’ success!
  • How to remove all of the wrong ways of thinking about marketing (what lawyers are taught naturally to believe) and how to approach marketing in a way that will make a difference between a practice that is dying versus one that is thriving!
  • How to set up appropriate financial mechanisms to make sure that you have enough money to financially support your marketing strategy and not waste your marketing dollars!
  • Learn the 7 Key Concepts of Effective Marketing and discover the only kind of marketing that provides measurable results!
  • A huge marketing opportunity that most practitioners are overlooking and how to tap into this goldmine of potential new business with very little marketing dollars or effort!
  • The Big Debate: Do Client Maintenance Plans Work?
  • Why seminar marketing – – both to consumers and referral sources – – are NOT dead and why if you’re not doing seminars, you’re missing a huge opportunity to bring in new clients (while also wasting a lot of time elsewhere!)
  • Where most attorneys that do give seminars can improve their seminar results with more effective strategies to get more qualified leads at the seminar and more appointments booked on the calendar!
  • All of the seminar marketing details you’ve always wondered:
    • How to Get Prospects to the Seminar
    • The Best Day, Time and Location
    • Provide a Meal or Not?
    • Who should give the seminar?
    • How long should the seminar go?
    • What should you cover at the seminar?
    • How do you motivate and incentivize attendees to schedule an appointment with you before they leave!
  • The only way attorneys should be utilizing the internet and social media to marketing their practices
  • How to put the proper systems and tools in place for getting more referrals from clients, professional referral sources, and even your own employees!
  • Overlooked marketing methods that still work and are an untapped source of new business
  • How to utilize satellite offices to get more business and how you can quickly and easily set up a system for satellite offices that won’t take up too much time or money
  • And much, much more you never learned in law school or in any continuing education class!

If you’re an estate planning attorney running your own law practice, we are certain that you have experienced the roller coaster of ups and downs that come with running a professional practice. If you have ever dreamed about taking more time off with your family, traveling the world, or doing more of what you love, and retiring someday, then this program is a no-brainer! But don’t just believe us.

Here’s what just a few prior attendees had to say about The Ultimate LevelTM

“I must say that this has truly and sincerely been one of my favorite events ever—it’s practical,
Phil’s been there, he’s done it. We’re going back to the office with a lot of tools and that’s HUGE.
With many other programs, I always feel like, ‘This is great, but what do I do with it?’
and I don’t feel that way leaving The Ultimate Level.”

Shadi Shaffer, Attorney from Irvine, California
WealthCounsel Member

“The Ultimate Level is set up so that it doesn’t matter where you are in your practice,
there’s something for everyone, whether you have been practicing for a few years or for a very long time.
I think that’s a huge testament to the program and how valuable it is.”

Nicole Wipp, Attorney from Milford, Michigan
WealthCounsel & ElderCounsel Member

“This program has been really inspirational for me. I have been given
so much practical material that will help me get to a higher level.”

Margaret Fulton, Attorney from Auburn, California
Super Lawyer 2004 & 2010
WealthCounsel Member

“I always say that it’s hard to know what it’s like to stand on Jupiter until you’ve been there.
I was having a really hard time getting my hands around how I was going to be able to
take my practice to the next level that I wanted to take it—and I didn’t know what it was like to
stand on Jupiter before the program, but I can honestly say that I do now! Thanks, Phil!”

Kirk Kaplan, Attorney from Las Vegas, Nevada
Martindale Lawyer Rating AV
WealthCounsel Member

(For more testimonials, click here)

The Ultimate LevelTM is not for everyone, though. It’s intended for estate planning attorneys that are interested in not only improving the daily operation of their law practice, but improving their quality of life.

And, just one added benefit of The Ultimate LevelTM is that we have a very special staff pricing, so that you can bring along your key staff members to not only get them on board with the changes coming to your firm, but also to help you implement.  This additional person can be anyone from your partner, associate attorney, office manager, executive assistant, paralegal, receptionist, marketing director, or even your spouse/significant other.  Whomever you want to have there with you to experience these two intense days of training.

There is without a doubt that every single estate planning attorney needs this program.  Pretty sure that you know you need it, too.  So now, the real question now is…are you willing to take the next step and actually do something about it?


If you would like to be notified when there may be a future Ultimate Level event, please complete the contact form below.



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    1. ultimateestateplanner Post author

      Hi LD,

      We had a program in Florida in October that you just missed. We don’t have anything on the calendar just yet. Also, we’ve found it to be more effective to have people come to the Los Angeles event, because they also get the law firm tour and it takes them out of their environment (flying, staying at a hotel, etc.). If you’re unable to make it to the January 2015 event, we do have another one coming up in May 2015 in Los Angeles that we hope you can attend. I’ll e-mail you separately to make sure that you get this response. Thanks! – Kristina


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